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On the following pages you will find over 40,000 Free Smileys and Emoticons that cover a wide variety of subjects, each of which is accurately organized in various categories to make your visit as much enjoyable and user friendly as possible.

The web site is considered the smiley central on the web for free smileys since you can find anything related to smiley, smiley face, msn smileys, as well as features related to free smiley such as the smiley generator. This is the reason why this smiley web site have been widely known and nicknamed as the smiley central of free smiley and free emoticon for so long.

To get started, you can either use the free smiley menu on the left by selecting the free smiley category of your preference, or if you are looking for some specific smiley, you can use the search facility found on the top right hand side menu.

This search will give you the freedom to enter a smiley name, and search a database of over 40,000 free smileys and emoticon. Then, once your search returns the results according to your search criteria, you can download your smiley straight away.

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The origin of the smiley is not completely clear. The earliest known examples of the graphic are attributed to Harvey Ball, who devised the face in 1963 for a Worcester, Massachusetts, USA-based insurance firm, State Mutual Life Assurance. Ball never attempted to use, promote or trademark the image; it fell into the public domain in the United States before that could be accomplished.

However, Franklin Loufrani of London-based company says he came up with the image in 1971 for a newspaper promotion in which he displayed his emoticons to highlight good news. He then started developing products using this logo(emoticons) as a brand. The logo and the name are trademarked by Franklin Loufrani across 100 countries for most classes of goods and services. His master licensee is developing products with licensed partners in industries such as clothing, accessories, home textiles, food and confectionery, stationery, toys, gift items, housewares, publishing and fragrances. In 1997 ,his son Nicolas Loufrani started developing hundreds of variations of the Smiley logo with many different moods and categories such as weather, occupations, countries, animals, objects and so forth. He also developed a character based version with a body, arms and legs. They were the first non-text based smileys available to use on the web.

After this period, a wide range of websites started to emerge with the idea of offering free smiley to their visitors. These smileys providers are often powered by user that submit free smileys to them or offer free smileys form the public domain. Other free smiley providers design their own smileys and offer them on their free smiley websites as well.

In addition to the above, you can find smiley face, msn emoticons, msn smilie, yahoo smiley, yahoo emoticon, yahoo messenger emoticon, yahoo hidden emoticon, hidden emoticon as well as well as aim smiley.
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